fbsetbg - Man Page

Set a background wallpaper or pattern


fbsetbg [-uU wallpapersetter] [-fFcCtTaA] wallpaper

fbsetbg [-uU wallpapersetter] -rR path

fbsetbg -bB fbsetrootoptions...

fbsetbg [-l|h|i|p]


fbsetbg(1) is a wrapper that tries to find a suitable background-setting app and then tries to set the wallpaper using that app. You don’t have to configure fbsetbg. It just uses the first app it can find.

Furthermore it supports remembering the last set wallpaper so you don’t have to edit the style or init-file to change the wallpaper.

It aims to provide clear error messages in a window that make debugging problems easy.


-f file

Set fullscreen wallpaper.

-c file

Set centered wallpaper.

-t file

Set tiled wallpaper.

-a file

Set maximized wallpaper, preserving aspect (if your bgsetter doesn’t support this option fbsetbg falls back to -f).

-u wallpapersetter

Use specified wallpapersetter, use no argument to forget.

-b fbsetrootoptions

Forward the options to fbsetroot(1). These can be used to set a solid, pattern, or gradient background texture.

-r directory

Set random wallpaper from a directory.

-F,  -C,  -T,  -A,  -U,  -B,  -R

Same as the lowercase option but without remembering.


Set previous wallpaper. Or, if the random feature was last used, set another random wallpaper from the same directory.


Display useful information about best wallpapersetter found.


Display some useful tips.


Display a help message.



In this file the wallpaper you set will be stored, for the -l option.



Wallpapersetters to use. This can be a space-delimited list of the applications to try, or just a single name.


The display you want to set the wallpaper on.


To use feh(1) as wallpapersetter and set wallpapper.jpg from the current directory as wallpaper.

$ wpsetters=feh fbsetbg wallpaper.jpg

Recall the last set wallpaper on display :0.0 with the stored options.

$ DISPLAY=:0.0 fbsetbg -l


fbsetbg(1) is not foolproof.


The author of fbsetbg is Han Boetes <han at fluxbox.org>

This manpage was converted to asciidoc format by Jim Ramsay <i.am at jimramsay.com> for fluxbox-1.1.2

See Also

fluxbox(1) fbsetroot(1)


Jim Ramsay <i.am@jimramsay.com>


Referenced By

fbsetroot(1), fluxbox(1), fluxbox-style(5).

08 February 2015 fbsetbg.txt Fluxbox Manual