fauxv man page

fauxv — print the auxiliary vector


fauxv [options] {pid... | core-file [ core-executable ]... }


fauxvprints the auxiliary vector of the specified process or core-file.

Standard Frysk Options


The full path of the executable to read.


Do not attempt to read the corresponding executable when loading a core file.

-sysroot directory

The system root directory under which all executables, libraries, and source are located.

-debug class=level...

Set internal debug-tracing of the specified Java class to level (level can be NONE, INFO, WARNING, FINE, and FINEST). If the level is absent, FINE is assumed; if the class is absent, the global level is set.


fauxv 1234

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Explore man page connections for fauxv(1).

Frysk 0.4-53 April 2008