fail2ban-testcases - Man Page

run Fail2Ban unit-tests


fail2ban-testcases [Options] [regexps]


Script to run Fail2Ban tests battery



show program's version number and exit

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

-l LOG_LEVEL, --log-level=LOG_LEVEL

Log level for the logger to use during running tests


Increase verbosity


Set numerical level of verbosity (0..4)


Prevent lazy logging inside tests

-n, --no-network

Do not run tests that require the network

-g, --no-gamin

Do not run tests that require the gamin

-m, --memory-db

Run database tests using memory instead of file

-f, --fast

Try to increase speed of the tests, decreasing of wait intervals, memory database

-i, --ignore

negate [regexps] filter to ignore tests matched specified regexps

-t, --log-traceback

Enrich log-messages with compressed tracebacks


Either to make the tracebacks full, not compressed (as by default)

See Also

fail2ban-client(1) fail2ban-server(1) fail2ban-regex(1)


January 2020 fail2ban-testcases 0.11.1