fab - Man Page

manual page for Fabric 2.6.0


fab [--core-opts] task1 [--task1-opts] ... taskN [--taskN-opts]


Core options:


Print tab-completion candidates for given parse remainder.


Set default value of run()'s 'hide' kwarg.


Disable task deduplication.


Print the tab-completion script for your preferred shell (bash|zsh|fish).


Request an upfront SSH-auth password prompt.


Request an upfront SSH key passphrase prompt.


Prompt user at start of session for the sudo.password config value.


Enable creation of .pyc files.

-c STRING, --collection=STRING

Specify collection name to load.

-d,  --debug

Enable debug output.

-D INT, --list-depth=INT

When listing tasks, only show the first INT levels.

-e,  --echo

Echo executed commands before running.

-f STRING, --config=STRING

Runtime configuration file to use.

-F STRING, --list-format=STRING

Change the display format used when listing tasks. Should be one of: flat (default), nested, json.

-h [STRING], --help[=STRING]

Show core or per-task help and exit.


Comma-separated host name(s) to execute tasks against.

-i,  --identity

Path to runtime SSH identity (key) file. May be given multiple times.

-l [STRING], --list[=STRING]

List available tasks, optionally limited to a namespace.

-p,  --pty

Use a pty when executing shell commands.

-r STRING, --search-root=STRING

Change root directory used for finding task modules.

-R,  --dry

Echo commands instead of running.

-S STRING, --ssh-config=STRING

Path to runtime SSH config file.

-t INT, --connect-timeout=INT

Specifies default connection timeout, in seconds.

-T INT, --command-timeout=INT

Specify a global command execution timeout, in seconds.

-V,  --version

Show version and exit.

-w,  --warn-only

Warn, instead of failing, when shell commands fail.

Paramiko 2.7.2 Invoke 1.5.0


July 2021 Fabric 2.6.0