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f3d - Man Page

fast and minimalist 3D viewer


F3D - A fast and minimalist 3D viewer Usage:

/builddir/build/BUILD/f3d-2.3.1/redhat-linux-build/bin/f3d [OPTIONS...] file1 file2 ...

Applicative options:

--input <files>

Input files (deprecated)

--output <png file>

Render to file


No background when render to file

-h,  --help

Print help


Print version details


Print the list of readers

--config <filePath/filename/fileStem>

Specify the configuration file to use. absolute/relative path or filename/filestem to search in configuration file locations.


Do not read the configuration file


Do not render anything and quit right after loading the first file, use with --verbose to recover information about a file.

--max-size <size in Mib>

Maximum size in Mib of a file to load, negative value means unlimited (default: -1)

--load-plugins <paths or names>

List of plugins to load separated with a comma


Scan some directories for plugins (result can be incomplete)

General options:

--verbose [={debug, info, warning, error, quiet}(=debug)]

Set verbose level, providing more information about the loaded data in the console output (default: info)


Enable quiet mode, which supersede any verbose options and prevent any console output to be generated at all (deprecated, using `--verbose=quiet` instead)


Show progress bar


Do not read materials, cameras and lights from file


When opening multiple files, show them all in the same scene. Force geometry-only. The configuration file for the first file will be loaded.

--up {-X,  +X,  -Y,  +Y,  -Z,  +Z}

Up direction (default: +Y)

-x,  --axis

Show axes

-g,  --grid

Show grid


Position grid at the absolute origin instead of below the model

--grid-unit arg

Size of grid unit square (default: 0)

--grid-subdivisions arg

Number of grid subdivisions (default: 10)

-e,  --edges

Show cell edges

--camera-index <index>

Select the camera to use (default: -1)

-k,  --trackball

Enable trackball interaction


Invert zoom direction with right mouse click


Automatically start animation

--animation-index <index>

Select animation to show (default: 0)

--animation-speed-factor <factor>

Set animation speed factor (default: 1)

--animation-time <time>

Set animation time to load (default: 0)

--animation-frame-rate <frame rate>

Set animation frame rate when playing animation interactively (default: 60)

--font-file <file_path>

Path to a FreeType compatible font file

Material options:

-o,  --point-sprites

Show sphere sprites instead of geometry

--point-size <size>

Point size when showing vertices or point sprites (default: 10)

--line-width <width>

Line width when showing edges (default: 1)

--color <R,G,B>

Solid color (default: 1,1,1)

--opacity <opacity>

Opacity (default: 1)

--roughness <roughness>

Roughness coefficient (0.0-1.0) (default: 0.3)

--metallic <metallic>

Metallic coefficient (0.0-1.0) (default: 0)

--hdri <file path>

Path to an image file that will be used as a light source and skybox (deprecated)

--hdri-file <file path>

Path to an image file that can be used as a light source and skybox

-f,  --hdri-ambient

Enable HDRI ambient lighting

-j,  --hdri-skybox

Enable HDRI skybox background

--texture-matcap <file path>

Path to a texture file containing a material capture

--texture-base-color <file path>

Path to a texture file that sets the color of the object

--texture-material <file path>

Path to a texture file that sets the Occlusion, Roughness and Metallic values of the object

--texture-emissive <file path>

Path to a texture file that sets the emitted light of the object

--emissive-factor <R,G,B>

Emissive factor. This value is multiplied with the emissive color when an emissive texture is present (default: 1,1,1)

--texture-normal <file path>

Path to a texture file that sets the normal map of the object

--normal-scale <normalScale>

Normal scale affects the strength of the normal deviation from the normal texture (default: 1)

Window options:

--bg-color <R,G,B>

Background color (default: 0.2,0.2,0.2)

--resolution <width,height>

Window resolution (default: 1000,600)

--position <x,y>

Window position (default: 0)

-z,  --fps

Display frame per second

-n,  --filename

Display filename

-m,  --metadata

Display file metadata

-u,  --blur-background

Blur background

--blur-coc arg

Blur circle of confusion radius (default: 20)

--light-intensity <intensity>

Light intensity (default: 1)

Scientific visualization options:

-s,  --scalars [=<array_name>(=)]

Color by scalars (default: f3d_reserved)

-y,  --comp [=<comp_index>(=-2)]

Component from the scalar array to color with. -1 means magnitude, -2 or the short option, -y, means direct scalars (default: -1)

-c,  --cells

Use a scalar array from the cells

--range <min,max>

Custom range for the coloring by array (default: 0)

-b,  --bar

Show scalar bar

--colormap <color_list>

Specify a custom colormap (default: 0,0,0,0,0.4,0.9,0,0,0.8,0.9,0.9,0,1,1,1,1)

-v,  --volume

Show volume if the file is compatible

-i,  --inverse

Inverse opacity function for volume rendering

Camera options:

--camera-position <X,Y,Z>

Camera position (overrides camera direction and camera zoom factor if any) (default: 0)

--camera-focal-point <X,Y,Z>

Camera focal point (default: 0)

--camera-view-up <X,Y,Z>

Camera view up (default: 0)

--camera-view-angle <angle>

Camera view angle (non-zero, in degrees)

--camera-direction <X,Y,Z>

Camera direction (default: 0)

--camera-zoom-factor <factor>

Camera zoom factor (non-zero) (default: 0)

--camera-azimuth-angle <angle>

Camera azimuth angle (in degrees), performed after other camera options (default: 0)

--camera-elevation-angle <angle>

Camera elevation angle (in degrees), performed after other camera options (default: 0)

PostFX (OpenGL) options:

-p,  --translucency-support

Enable translucency support, implemented using depth peeling

-q,  --ambient-occlusion

Enable ambient occlusion providing approximate shadows for better depth perception, implemented using SSAO

-a,  --anti-aliasing

Enable anti-aliasing, implemented using FXAA

-t,  --tone-mapping

Enable Tone Mapping, providing balanced coloring

Testing options:

--ref <png file>


--ref-threshold <threshold>

Testing threshold (default: 50)

--interaction-test-record <file_path>

Path to an interaction log file to record interactions events to

--interaction-test-play <file_path>

Path to an interaction log file to play interaction events from when loading a file



Cycle point/cell data coloring


Cycle array to color with


Cycle array component to color with


Toggle the scalar bar display


Toggle volume rendering


Toggle inverse volume opacity


Toggle point sprites rendering


Toggle translucency support


Toggle ambient occlusion


Toggle anti-aliasing


Toggle tone mapping


Toggle the edges display


Toggle the axes display


Toggle the grid display


Toggle the filename display


Toggle the metadata display


Toggle the FPS counter display


Toggle raytracing rendering


Toggle denoising when raytracing


Toggle full screen


Toggle blur background


Toggle trackball interaction


Toggle HDRI ambient lighting


Toggle HDRI skybox


Increase (+Shift: decrease) lights intensity


Toggle cheat sheet display


Dump camera state to the terminal


Front View camera


Left View camera


Top View camera


Isometric View camera




Reset camera to initial parameters


Play animation if any


Previous file


Next file


Reload current file


Add current file parent directory to the list of files and reload the current file


Load dropped file, folder or HDRI


/builddir/build/BUILD/f3d-2.3.1/redhat-linux-build/bin/f3d file.vtu -xtgans View a unstructured mesh in a typical nice looking sciviz style /builddir/build/BUILD/f3d-2.3.1/redhat-linux-build/bin/f3d file.glb -tuqap --hdri-file=file.hdr --hdri-ambient --hdri-skybox View a gltf file in a realistic environment /builddir/build/BUILD/f3d-2.3.1/redhat-linux-build/bin/f3d file.ply -so --point-size=0 --comp=-2 View a point cloud file with direct scalars rendering /builddir/build/BUILD/f3d-2.3.1/redhat-linux-build/bin/f3d folder View all files in folder

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to https://github.com/f3d-app/f3d/issues

F3D - A fast and minimalist 3D viewer
Version: 2.3.1.
Build date: 2024-03-31 00:00:00.
Build system: Linux 64-bits.
Compiler: GNU 14.0.1.
External rendering module: OFF.
Raytracing module: OFF.
VTK version: 9.2.6.
Copyright © 2019-2021 Kitware SAS.
Copyright © 2021-2024 Michael Migliore, Mathieu Westphal.
License BSD-3-Clause.
By Michael Migliore, Mathieu Westphal and Joachim Pouderoux.


March 2024 F3D 2.3.1