ezdxf-pillow - Man Page

ezdxf pillow Draw and convert DXF files by the Pillow backend


ezdxf pillow [-h] [-o OUT] [-l LAYOUT] [-i IMAGE_SIZE] [-b BACKGROUND] [-r OVERSAMPLING] [-m MARGIN] [-t {0,1,2,3}] [--dpi DPI] [-v] [FILE]


An advantage over the ezdxf-draw(1) command is the speed and much less memory usage; a disadvantage is the lower text rendering quality. The speed advantage is lost for the text modes OUTLINE and FILLED, because the text-path rendering is done by Matplotlib, but the advantage of the lower memory consumption remains.


Positional Arguments


DXF file to draw

Optional Arguments


show a help message and exit

-o OUT, --out OUT

output filename, the filename extension defines the image format (.png, .jpg, .tif, .bmp, ...)

-l LAYOUT, --layout LAYOUT

name of the layout to draw, default is Model

-i IMAGE_SIZE, --image_size IMAGE_SIZE

image size in pixels as “width,height”, default is "1920,1080", “1920,1080”, supports also “x” as delimiter like “1920x1080”. A single integer is used for both directions e.g. “2000” defines an image size of 2000x2000. The image is centered for the smaller DXF drawing extent.


override background color in hex format “RRGGBB” “RRGGBBAA”, e.g. use “FFFFFF00” to get a white transparent background and a black foreground color (ACI=7), because a light background gets a black foreground color or vice versa “00000000” for a black transparent background and a white foreground color.


oversampling factor, default is 2, use 0 or 1 to disable oversampling

-m MARGIN, --margin MARGIN

minimal margin around the image in pixels, default is 10

-t {0,1,2,3}, --text-mode {0,1,2,3}

text mode: 0=ignore, 1=placeholder, 2=outline, 3=filled, default is 2

--dpi DPI

output resolution in pixels/inch which is significant for the linewidth, default is 300


give more output


See ezdxf(1).


See ezdxf(1).


Convert the DXF file “gear.dxf” into a PNG file by the Pillow backend:

$ ezdxf pillow -o gear.png  gear.dxf

See Also


ezdxf-pp(1), ezdxf-audit(1), ezdxf-draw(1), ezdxf-view(1), ezdxf-browse(1), ezdxf-browse-acis(1), ezdxf-strip(1), ezdxf-config(1), ezdxf-info(1)

Referenced By

ezdxf(1), ezdxf-audit(1), ezdxf-browse(1), ezdxf-browse-acis(1), ezdxf-config(1), ezdxf-draw(1), ezdxf-info(1), ezdxf-pp(1), ezdxf-strip(1), ezdxf-view(1).

September 2022