ezdxf-info - Man Page

ezdxf info – show information and optional stats of DXF files as loaded by ezdxf(1)


ezdxf info [-h] [-v] [-s] [FILE] [FILE...]


Show information and optional stats of DXF files as loaded by ezdxf(1), this may not represent the original content of the file, use the ezdxf-browse(1) command to see the original content. The upgrade is necessary for very old DXF versions prior to R12 and for the “special” versions R13 and R14. The -s option shows some statistics about the DXF content like entity count or table count. Use the -v option to show more of everything.


Positional Arguments


DXF file to process, wildcards * and ? are supported

Optional Arguments


show a help message and exit


give more output


show content stats


See ezdxf(1).


See ezdxf(1).


This is the verbose output for an old DXF R10 file and shows that the loading process created some required structures which do not exist in DXF R10 files, like the BLOCK_RECORD table or the OBJECTS section:

$ ezdxf info -v -s test_R10.dxf

Filename: "test_R10.dxf"
Loaded content was upgraded from DXF Version AC1006 (R10)
Release: R12
DXF Version: AC1009
Maintenance Version: <undefined>
Codepage: ANSI_1252
Encoding: cp1252
Unit system: Imperial
Modelspace units: Unitless
$LASTSAVEDBY: <undefined>
$FINGERPRINTGUID: {9EADDC7C-5982-4C68-B770-8A62378C2B90}
$VERSIONGUID: {49336E63-D99B-45EC-803C-4D2BD03A7DE0}
File was not created by ezdxf >= 0.16.4
File was not written by ezdxf >= 0.16.4
Content stats:
LAYER table entries: 18
LTYPE table entries: 13
STYLE table entries: 1
DIMSTYLE table entries: 1
APPID table entries: 1
UCS table entries: 0
VIEW table entries: 0
VPORT table entries: 1
BLOCK_RECORD table entries: 2
Entities in modelspace: 78
  ARC (2)
  CIRCLE (2)
  LINE (74)
Entities in OBJECTS section: 20
  LAYOUT (2)

See Also


ezdxf-pp(1), ezdxf-audit(1), ezdxf-draw(1), ezdxf-view(1), ezdxf-browse(1), ezdxf-browse-acis(1), ezdxf-strip(1), ezdxf-config(1), ezdxf-hpgl(1)

Referenced By

ezdxf(1), ezdxf-audit(1), ezdxf-browse(1), ezdxf-browse-acis(1), ezdxf-config(1), ezdxf-draw(1), ezdxf-hpgl(1), ezdxf-pp(1), ezdxf-strip(1), ezdxf-view(1).

July 2023