ezdxf-hpgl - Man Page

ezdxf hpgl View and/or convert HPGL/2 plot files to various formats


ezdxf hpgl [-h] [-e FORMAT] [-r {0,90,180,270}] [-x] [-y] [-m {0,1,2}] [-f] [--aci] [--dpi DPI] [FILE]


Positional Arguments


view and/or convert HPGL/2 plot files; wildcards (*, ?) supported in command line mode

Optional Arguments


show a help message and exit

-e FORMAT, --export FORMAT

convert HPGL/2 plot file to SVG, PDF or DXF from the command line (no gui)

-r {0,90,180,270}, --rotate {0,90,180,270}

rotate page about 90, 180 or 270 degrees (no gui)

-x,  --mirror_x

mirror page in x-axis direction (no gui)

-y,  --mirror_y

mirror page in y-axis direction (no gui)

-m {0,1,2}, --merge_control {0,1,2}

provides control over the order of filled polygons,
                       0=off (print order), 1=luminance (order by luminance),
                       2=auto (default) 0=off (print order), 1=luminance (order by luminance), 2=auto (default)

-f,  --force

inserts the mandatory ‘enter HPGL/2 mode’ escape sequence into the data stream; use this flag when no HPGL/2 data was found and you are sure the file is a HPGL/2 plot file


use pen numbers as ACI colors and assign colors by layer (DXF only)

--dpi DPI

pixel density in dots per inch (PNG only)


See ezdxf(1).


See ezdxf(1).


Note that plot files are intended to be plotted on white paper.

See Also


ezdxf-pp(1), ezdxf-audit(1), ezdxf-draw(1), ezdxf-view(1), ezdxf-browse(1), ezdxf-browse-acis(1), ezdxf-strip(1), ezdxf-config(1), ezdxf-info(1)

Referenced By

ezdxf(1), ezdxf-audit(1), ezdxf-browse(1), ezdxf-browse-acis(1), ezdxf-config(1), ezdxf-draw(1), ezdxf-info(1), ezdxf-pp(1), ezdxf-strip(1), ezdxf-view(1).

July 2023