ezdxf-browse-acis - Man Page

ezdxf browse-acis – PyQt ACIS entity content browser for SAT/SAB debugging


ezdxf browse-acis [-h] [-l LINE] [-g HANDLE] [FILE]


The DXF format stores modern solid geometry as SAT data for DXF R2000–R2010 and as SAB data for DXF R2013 and later. This command shows the content of this entities and also let you export the raw data for further processing.

Entity View

The entity view is a read-only text editor, it is possible to select and copy parts of the text into the clipboard. All ACIS content entities get an id assigned automatically, this way the data is more readable, by default AutoCAD and BricsCAD do not use ids for ACIS entities. The id is shown as decimal number in parenthesis after the entity name. The ~ is a shortcut for a null-pointer.

Menus and Shortcuts

File Menu
  • Open DXF file... Ctrl+O
  • Reload DXF file Ctrl+R
  • Export Current Entity View... Ctrl+E, export the parsed content of the entity view as text file
  • Export Raw SAT/SAB Data... Ctrl+W, export the raw SAT data as text file and the raw SAB data as a binary file for further processing
  • Quit Ctrl+Q


Positional Arguments


DXF file to browse

Optional Arguments


show a help message and exit

-g HANDLE--handle HANDLE

go to entity by HANDLE, HANDLE has to be a hex value without any prefix like ‘fefe


See ezdxf(1).


See ezdxf(1).


Show and export the SAT or SAB content of ACIS entities:

$ ezdxf browse-acis 3dsolid.dxf

See Also


ezdxf-pp(1), ezdxf-audit(1), ezdxf-draw(1), ezdxf-view(1), ezdxf-browse-acis(1), ezdxf-strip(1), ezdxf-config(1), ezdxf-info(1), ezdxf-hpgl(1)

Referenced By

ezdxf(1), ezdxf-audit(1), ezdxf-browse(1), ezdxf-config(1), ezdxf-draw(1), ezdxf-hpgl(1), ezdxf-info(1), ezdxf-pp(1), ezdxf-strip(1), ezdxf-view(1).

July 2023