expresso man page

expresso ā€” A JavaScript TDD framework written for Node.js


Usage: expresso [options] <file ...>


Expresso is a JavaScript test-driven development (TDD) framework written for Node.js. Expresso is extremely fast, and is packed with features including additional assertion methods and code coverage reporting.


-g, --growl

Enable growl notifications

-c, --coverage

Generate and report test coverage

-j, --json PATH

Used in conjunction with --coverage, ouput JSON coverage to PATH

-q, --quiet

Suppress coverage report if 100%

-t, --timeout MS

Timeout in milliseconds, defaults to 2000

-r, --require PATH

Require the given module path

-o, --only TESTS

Execute only the comma sperated TESTS (can be set several times)

-m, --match EXP

Execute only tests matching a given regular expression (can be set several times)

-p, --port NUM

Port number for test servers, starts at 5555

-s, --serial

Execute tests serially

-b, --boring

Suppress ansi-escape colors

-v, --version

Output version number

-h, --help

Display help information


The main author of expresso is TJ Holowaychuk <>. For a more complete list of contributors, see the GitHub page at <>

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs on the GitHub issue tracker: <>


February 2013 expresso 0.9.2