examineAC.pl man page



examineAC.pl [ -ac /path/to/AC.pem ] \
             [ -noout ]


Parses the Attribte Certificate in /tmp/vomsAC_u<UID>, printing information to the terminal. This script will print
End time, -> when the attribute will expire
Start time, -> when the attribute is valid from
Holder Issuer DN, -> The certificate to which the AC belongs' Issuer DN
Holder Serial, -> The Serial Number of the Certificate to which the AC belongs.
Issuer DN -> The Issuer DN of the VOMS Attribute Certificate
The Attribute Certificate. Use
-ac /path/to/AC/pem, to provide the path the the Attribute certificate if not in /tmp/vomsAC_u<UID>
-noout, to repress printing of the PEM encoded Attribute certificate

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This script was originally designed for VOMS::Lite, as a tool for the UK NGS SARoNGS service. NGS is funded by the UK Research Councils JISC and EPSRC

now http://www.rcs.manchester.ac.uk/project…

Mailing list, shebangs@listserv.manchester.ac.uk

Mailing list, voms-lite@listserv.manchester.ac.uk


Mike Jones <mike.jones@manchester.ac.uk>


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