euca-download-and-unbundle man page

euca-download-and-unbundle ā€” Download and unbundle a bundled image from the cloud


euca-download-and-unbundle [-d (FILE | DIR)] [-k PRIVATEKEY]

[--progress | --no-progress] -b

BUCKET[/PREFIX] (-m MANIFEST | -p MANIFEST | --local-manifest FILE) [-U URL] [--region USER@REGION] [-I KEY_ID] [-S KEY] [--security-token TOKEN] [--debug] [--debugger] [--version] [-h]


Download and unbundle a bundled image from the cloud


The key used to unbundle the image must match a certificate that was used to bundle it.

optional arguments

-d (FILE | DIR), --destination (FILE | DIR)

where to place the unbundled image (default: current directory)


file containing the private key to decrypt the bundle with. This must match a certificate used when bundling the image.


show progress (the default when run interactively)


do not show progress (the default when run noninteractively)


the bucket that contains the bundle, with an optional path prefix (required)

-m MANIFEST, --manifest MANIFEST

the manifest's complete file name, not including any path that may be specified using -b


the portion of the manifest's file name that precedes ".manifest.xml"

--local-manifest FILE

use a manifest on disk and ignore any that appear on the server

-U URL, --url URL

object storage service endpoint URL

--region USER@REGION

region and/or user names to search when looking up config file data

-I KEY_ID, --access-key-id KEY_ID

-S KEY, --secret-key KEY

--security-token TOKEN


show debugging output


launch interactive debugger on error


show the program's version and exit

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

Referenced By

euca2ools(7), euca2ools.ini(5).

December 2016 euca2ools 3.4