euare-oidcproviderchangethumbprint man page

euare-oidcproviderchangethumbprint ā€” Replace an OpenID Connect provider's list of thumbprints


euare-oidcproviderchangethumbprint [-t HEX] [--as-account ACCOUNT]

[-U URL] [--region USER@REGION]

[-I KEY_ID] [-S KEY] [--security-token TOKEN] [--debug] [--debugger] [--version] [-h] OIDC


Replace an OpenID Connect provider's list of thumbprints

positional arguments


the ARN of the provider to update (required)

optional arguments

-t HEX, --thumbprint HEX

the new SHA-1 thumbprint of the OpenID Connect provider's certificate. This option may be specified more than once to allow multiple certificates to be accepted. If one is not supplied this command will attempt to determine it automatically.

--as-account ACCOUNT

[Eucalyptus cloud admin only] run this command as the administrator of another account

-U URL, --url URL

identity service endpoint URL

--region USER@REGION

region and/or user names to search when looking up config file data

-I KEY_ID, --access-key-id KEY_ID

-S KEY, --secret-key KEY

--security-token TOKEN


show debugging output


launch interactive debugger on error


show the program's version and exit

-h, --help

show this help message and exit


December 2016 euca2ools 3.4