eu-srcfiles - Man Page

Lists the source files of a DWARF/ELF file.


eu-srcfiles [-0|--null] [-c|--cu-only] [-v|--verbose] [-z|--zip] INPUT


eu-srcfiles lists all the source files of a given DWARF/ELF file.  This list is based on a search of the DWARF debuginfo, which may be automatically fetched by debuginfod if applicable.  The target file may be an executable, a coredump, a process, or even the running kernel.  The default input is the file 'a.out'.  The source file names are made unique by prepending the full path name and then printed to standard output. The source files can be placed in a zip file that is sent to stdout.

Note that all occurrences of '/./' and '/../' in the path name are canonicalized.

Input Options

The long and short forms of options, shown here as alternatives, are equivalent.


Find addresses from signatures found in COREFILE.


Search path for separate debuginfo files.

-e FILE, --executable=FILE

Find addresses in FILE.

-k,  --kernel

Find addresses in the running kernel.

-K, --offline-kernel[=RELEASE]

Kernel with all modules.

-M FILE, --linux-process-map=FILE

Find addresses in files mapped as read from FILE in Linux /proc/PID/maps format.

-p PID, --pid=PID

Find addresses in files mapped into process PID.

-?,  --help

Give this help list.


Give a short usage message.

-V,  --version

Print program version.

Output Options

-0,  --null

Separate items by a null instead of a newline.

-b,  --no-backup

Disables local source file search when debuginfod fails to fetch files.  This option is only applicable when fetching and zipping files.

-c,  --cu-only

Only list the CU (compilation unit) names.

-v,  --verbose

Increase verbosity of logging messages.

-z,  --zip

Zip all the source files and send to stdout. By default, files will be automatically fetched by debuginfod (if applicable) or locally as a backup. Any source files that were not found will not be archived.


List all source files for a binary.

eu-srcfiles -e /bin/ls

List all compilation units (CU) names for a given process (including shared libraries).

eu-srcfiles -c -p $$

List source files of a binary based on its buildid, using debuginfod.

binary=`debuginfod-find executable 9c22d8d9e42bd051ffdc1064fdfd456ba781c629`
eu-srcfiles -c -e $binary

Show the source code of the first CU of a shared library.

srcfile=`eu-srcfiles -c -e $binary | head -1`
cat `debuginfod-find source $binary $srcfile`

List the source files of a kernel image.

eu-srcfiles -e /boot/vmlinuz-`uname -r`

Zip all the source files for a binary.

eu-srcfiles -z -e /bin/ls >


Written by Housam Alamour.

Reporting Bugs

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2023-Sept-25 elfutils