etcdctl3-member man page

etcdctl-member ā€” Membership related commands


ETCDCTL=3 etcdctl member [OPTIONS]


Membership related commands

Options Inherited from Parent Commands


verify certificates of TLS-enabled secure servers using this CA bundle


identify secure client using this TLS certificate file


timeout for short running command (excluding dial timeout)


enable client-side debug logging


dial timeout for client connections


gRPC endpoints


print byte strings as hex encoded strings


skip server certificate verification


disable transport security for client connections


identify secure client using this TLS key file


username[:password] for authentication (prompt if password is not supplied)

-w, --write-out="simple"

set the output format (fields, json, protobuf, simple, table)

See Also

etcdctl(1), etcdctl3-member-add(1), etcdctl3-member-list(1), etcdctl3-member-remove(1), etcdctl3-member-update(1)


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Referenced By

etcdctl3(1), etcdctl3-member-add(1), etcdctl3-member-list(1), etcdctl3-member-remove(1), etcdctl3-member-update(1).

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