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esl-histplot - Man Page

collate data histogram, output xmgrace datafile


esl-histplot [options] datafile


esl-histplot summarizes numerical data in the input file datafile.

One real-numbered value is taken from each line of the input file.  Each line is split into whitespace-delimited fields, and one field is converted to data. By default this is the first field; this can be  changed by the -f option.

Default output is a survival plot (Prob(value > x)) in xmgrace XY data format, to stdout. Output may be directed to a file with the -o option.

If datafile is - (a single dash), input lines are read from stdin instead of opening a file.


-f <n>

Read data from whitespace-delimited field <n> on each line, instead of the first field. Fields are numbered starting from 1.


Print brief help; includes version number and summary of all options, including expert options.

-o <f>

Send output to file <f> instead of stdout.

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Nov 2020 Easel 0.48 Easel Manual