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esl-alipid - Man Page

calculate pairwise percent identities for all sequence pairs in an MSA


esl-alipid [options] msafile


esl-alistat calculates the pairwise percent identity of each sequence pair in in the MSA(s) in msafile. For each sequence pair, it outputs a line of <sqname1> <sqname2> <pid> <nid> <n> where <pid> is the percent identity, <nid> is the number of identical aligned pairs, and <n> is the denominator used for the calculation: the shorter of the two (unaligned) sequence lengths.

If msafile is - (a single dash), alignment input is read from  stdin.

Only canonical residues are counted toward <nid> and <n>. Degenerate residue codes are not counted.



Print brief help;  includes version number and summary of all options, including expert options.

--informat <s>

Assert that input msafile is in alignment format <s>, bypassing format autodetection. Common choices for <s> include: stockholm, a2m, afa, psiblast, clustal, phylip. For more information, and for codes for some less common formats, see main documentation. The string <s> is case-insensitive (a2m or A2M both work).


Assert that the msafile contains protein sequences.


Assert that the msafile contains DNA sequences.


Assert that the msafile contains RNA sequences.

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Nov 2020 Easel 0.48 Easel Manual