esdrec - Man Page

record a sound file


esdrec [-s hostname:port] [-b] [-h] [-m] [-r freq]


The esdrec application pipes data from the sound device to stdout using the Enlightened Sound Daemon (esd).


The following options are supported:

-s hostname:port
Contact the esd server on hostname at port.
Specify that the output should be in 8-bit format. By default, the output is in 16-bit format.
Display help text, and exit.
Specify that the output should be in mono format. By default, the output is in stereo format.
-r freq
Specify that the output rate should be set to freq. By default, the output rate is set to 44.1 kHz.


Example 1: Record sound from sound device to file "sample"

example% esdrec > sample

Exit Status

The following exit values are returned:

0 Application exited successfully

>0 Application exited with failure

See Also

esd(1), esdcat(1), esddsp(1), esdloop(1), esdplay(1), esdsample(1), esd-config(1), esdctl(1), esdfilt(1), esdmon(1)

Referenced By

esd(1), esdcat(1), esd-config(1), esdctl(1), esddsp(1), esdfilt(1), esdloop(1), esdmon(1), esdplay(1), esdsample(1).

EsounD 0.2.41 Feb 2006 Enlightened Sound Daemon