esdplay man page

esddsp — attempt to reroute audio device to esd


Plays the FILE on EsounD.


esdplay [OPTIONS] FILE


"-s", --server=HOSTNAME set EsounD server

"-h", --help            display this help and exit

"-v", --version         output version information and exit

See Also

esd(1), esdcat(1), esddsp(1), esdloop(1), esdsample(1), esd-config(1), esdctl(1), esdfilt(1), esdmon(1), esdrec(1)

Referenced By

esd(1), esdcat(1), esd-config(1), esdctl(1), esddsp(1), esdfilt(1), esdloop(1), esdmon(1), esdrec(1), esdsample(1).

EsounD 0.2.41 2002-06-04 Enlightened Sound Daemon