esd man page

esd — The Enlightened Sound Daemon


Starts up EsounD, which provides a sound mixing server.


esd [options]

-d DEVICE     force esd to use sound device DEVICE
-b            run server in 8 bit sound mode
-r RATE       run server at sample rate of RATE
-as SECS      free audio device after SECS of inactivity (-1 to disable)
-unix         use unix domain sockets instead of tcp/ip
-tcp          use tcp/ip sockets instead of unix domain
-public       make tcp/ip access public (other than localhost)
-promiscuous  start unlocked and owned (disable authenticaton) NOT RECOMMENDED
-terminate    terminate esd daemon after last client exits
-noterminate  do not terminate esd daemon after last client exits
-nobeeps      disable startup beeps
-beeps        enable startup beeps
-trust        start esd even if use of /tmp/.esd can be insecure
-port PORT    listen for connections at PORT (only for tcp/ip)
-bind ADDRESS binds to ADDRESS (only for tcp/ip)
-v --version  print version information

Possible devices are: /dev/dsp, /dev/dsp2, etc.

See Also

esdcat(1), esddsp(1), esdloop(1), esdplay(1), esdsample(1), esd-config(1), esdctl(1), esdfilt(1), esdmon(1), esdrec(1)

Referenced By

esdcat(1), esdcompat(1), esd-config(1), esdctl(1), esddsp(1), esdfilt(1), esdloop(1), esdmon(1), esdplay(1), esdrec(1), esdsample(1).

EsounD 0.2.41 2002-06-04 Enlightened Sound Daemon