escp2topbm man page

escp2topbm - convert an ESC/P2 printer file to a PBM image


escp2topbm [printfile]


escp2topbm reads an ESC/P2 printer control stream as input. It produces a PBM image as output.

escp2topbm filters the raster graphic content from an Epson ESC/P2 printer control stream and writes the image it would print as a standard (raw) PBM image.

The input is from the file named by the printfile argument, or from Standard Input if you don't specify printfile. The output is to Standard Output.

escp2topbm understands compression modes 0 (uncompressed) and 1 (RLE compressed) in the Epson input stream.

Before Netpbm 10.72 (September 2015), the Netpbm global option -plain has no effect on escp2topbm .




As escp2topbm is a simple program, created mainly to test pbmtoescp2, there are some restrictions:

escp2topbm looks only at "ESC." sequences and ignores all data outside these Escape sequences.
escp2topbm assumes that only one raster graphic is in the printer stream. If this isn't true, the result is garbage.
escp2topbm assumes that all "ESC." sequences use the same width value. If this isn't true, the result is garbage.

See Also

pbmtoescp2(1) , pbm(1)


Copyright (C) 2003 by Ulrich Walcher (


escp2topbm was added to Netpbm in Release 10.18 (August 2003); it was created around the same time.

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