erofsfuse - Man Page

FUSE file system client for erofs file system


erofsfuse [Options] DEVICE MOUNTPOINT


erofsfuse is a FUSE file system client that supports reading from devices or image files containing erofs file system.


general options

-o opt,[opt...]

mount options

-h   --help

display help and exit

erofsfuse options


Specify the level of debugging messages. The default is 2, which shows basic warning messages.


Specify an extra device to be used together. You may give multiple `--device' options in the correct order.


Specify `--offset' bytes to skip when reading image file. The default is 0.

FUSE options

-d -o debug

enable debug output (implies -f)


foreground operation


disable multi-threaded operation

For other FUSE options please see mount.fuse(8) or see the output of erofsfuse --help


erofsfuse is part of erofs-utils package and is available from git://

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