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BioWare ERF (.erf, .mod, .nwm, .sav) archive packer


erf[options] output_archive [file ...]


erf packs files together into a BioWare ERF archive, found in many BioWare Games as files with the extension .erf, .mod, .nwm or .sav. Moreover, in some games, a .rim file might be an ERF instead of a RIM.

There's several different versions of ERFs. This tool supports only version V1.0, as used by Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic, Knights of the Old Republic II, Jade Empire and The Witcher.

Unsupported Features:



Show a help text and exit.


Show version information and exit.


Set archive ID to ERF.


Set archive ID to MOD.


Set archive ID to HAK.


Set archive ID to SAV.


Unalias file types according to Jade Empire rules.

Jade Empire reuses a few file extension IDs differently than other BioWare games. To correctly write Jade Empire ERF archives, use this flag.


The ERF archive to be written.


One or more files to pack together.


Pack some files together into an ERF archive:

$ erf archive.erf file1.dat file2.dat file3.dat

Pack some files together into a SAV archive:

$ erf --sav archive.sav file1.dat file2.dat file3.dat

See Also

unerf(1), unherf(1)

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This program is part of the xoreos-tools package, which in turn is part of the xoreos project, and was written by the xoreos team. Please see the AUTHORS file for details.

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June 27, 2018