epiphany man page

epiphany — simple to use web browser for GNOME


epiphany [OPTION...] [url]


Help options

-?, --help
Show help options

Application options

-n, --new-tab
Open a new tab in an existing browser window
Open a new browser window
-b, --bookmarks-editor
Launch the bookmarks editor
Import bookmarks from the given file
-l, --load-session=FILE
Load the given session file
-t, --add-bookmark=URL
Add a bookmark
Start a private instance
Profile directory to use in the private instance
X display to use
Show version

Epiphany has a comprehensive help system. Run the browser and select Help from the menu.


Written by Marco Pesenti Gritti, Christian Persch and others.

Referenced By

gozilla(1), groffer(1).

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GNOME May 2006