enchant-lsmod-2 - Man Page

list provider and dictionary information


enchant-lsmod-2 [[-lang|-word-chars] [language_tag]|-list-dicts|-help|-version]


enchant-lsmod-2 gives information about Enchant’s spell-checker providers and the dictionaries each offers. See enchant-2(1) for details about how the providers and dictionaries are located. If no command-line options are given, the available providers are listed.



Show which provider and dictionary will be used for the given language, or all languages if none is supplied.


Show the extra word characters for the given language, if available. This is of little interest to most users.


List the provider and dictionary for all available languages.


Show brief help.


Prints the program’s version.

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Written by Dom Lachowicz and Reuben Thomas.

Referenced By

enchant(5), enchant-2(1).

August 2017