elpa2_print_kernels - Man Page

Provide information which ELPA2 kernels are available on this system.




Provide information which ELPA2 kernels are available on this system.
It is possible to configure ELPA2 such, that different compute intensive 'ELPA2 kernels' can be choosen at runtime. The service binary elpa2_print_kernels will query the library and tell whether ELPA2 has been configured in this way, and if this is the case which kernels can be choosen at runtime. It will furthermore detail whether ELPA has been configured with OpenMP support.




A. Marek, MPCDF

Reporting bugs

Report bugs to the ELPA mail elpa-library@mpcdf.mpg.de

See Also

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The man page elpa2_print_kernels_openmp(1) is an alias of elpa2_print_kernels(1).

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