elixirc - Man Page

The Elixir compiler


elixirc[Options] file ...


The compiler is intended for compilation one or more files containing the Elixir source code. The files should have the extension .ex.


-o directory

Places the output file in the specified directory. If the directory is not specified via the option, the current working directory will be used for the purpose.

--erl parameters

Serves the same purpose as ELIXIR_ERL_OPTIONS (see the Environment section).


Disables warnings when a module was previously defined.


Disables producing debugging information.


Disables generating documentation.


Makes all warnings into errors.


Activates verbose mode.


Separates the options passed to the compiler from the options passed to the executed code.



Allows passing parameters to the Erlang runtime.


Allows passing parameters to the Erlang compiler (see erlc(1)).

See Also

elixir(1), iex(1), mix(1)


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Referenced By

elixir(1), iex(1), mix(1).

April 10, 2015