egk-tool man page

egk-tool — displays information on the German electronic health card (elektronische Gesundheitskarte, eGK)


egk-tool [Options]


The egk-tool utility is used to display information stored on the German elektronic health card (elektronische Gesundheitskarte, eGK).


--help, -h

Print help and exit.

--version, -V

Print version and exit.

--reader arg, -r arg

Specify the reader to use. Use -1 as arg to automatically detect the reader to use. By default, the first reader with a present card is used.

--verbose, -v

Causes egk-tool to be more verbose. Specify this flag several times to be more verbose.

Health Care Application (HCA)


Show 'Persönliche Versicherungsdaten' (XML).


Show 'Allgemeine Versicherungsdaten' (XML).


Show 'Geschützte Versicherungsdaten' (XML).


Show 'Versichertenstammdaten-Status'.


egk-tool was written by Frank Morgner <>.


09/30/2019 OpenSC Tools