efivar - Man Page

Tool to manipulate UEFI variables


efivar [OPTION...]


-A,  --attributes=<attributes>

attributes to use on append

-l,  --list

list current variables

-p,  --print

print variable specified by --name

-D,  --dmpstore

use DMPSTORE format when exporting

-d,  --print-decimal

print variable in decimal format values specified by --name

-n,  --name=<guid-name>

variable to manipulate, in the form 8be4df61-93ca-11d2-aa0d-00e098032b8c-Boot0000

-a,  --append

append to variable specified by --name

-f,  --datafile=<file>

load or save variable contents from <file>

-e,  --export=<file>

export variable to <file>

-i,  --import=<file>

import variable from <file>

-L,  --list-guids

show internal guid list

-w,  --write

write to variable specified by --name

Help options

-?,  --help

Show this help message


Display brief usage message


September 2019 efivar 37