edb - Man Page

graphical debugger and disassembler for executables


 edb [OPTION]... [TARGET]


edb (Evan's Debugger) is a modular and modern disassembler and debugger for binary ELF files based on ptrace API and the capstone disassembly library.


Show usage and exit.

--symbols <file>

generate symbols map for file <file>

--attach <pid>

attach the process of PID <pid> to debugger

--run <program> [args...]

open <program> in debugger with optional [args...]


show version string and exit.


show version and exit.


edb --symbols /lib/libc.so.6 > libc.so.6.map

     Will generate symbols for libc and save it in a text file. It's useful if you store this map files in the symbols directory configured in edb's preferences.

for i in $(ls /lib); do edb --symbols $i > $(basename $i).map; done

      Useful to generate maps for all libs you have in /lib.

edb --run /bin/ls

      Will open the ls program binary in debugger.

edb --attach 1720

     Attach the process of PID 1720 to debugger.


Written by Evan Teran <evan.teran@gmail.com>

Reporting Bugs

Report any bugs or requests for features via BTS on https://github.com/eteran/edb-debugger/issues


December 2011