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ed2k - Man Page

aMule eD2k link parser


ed2k [-c <path>] [-t <num>] [-e] [-l] <eD2k-link>

ed2k [-h]

ed2k [-v]


Sends the given <eD2k-link> to aMule, i.e. writes it to the file ~/.aMule/ED2KLinks, which will be checked by aMule every second for links.

[ -c <path>, --config-dir=<path> ]

Read config from <path> instead of home

[ -t, --category=<num> ]

Set category for passed eD2k links to <num>

[ -e, --emulecollection ]

Loads all link found in the emulecollection given as <ed2k-link>

[ -l, --list ]

Lists all link found in the emulecollection given as <ed2k-link>

[ -h, --help ]

Prints a short usage description.

[ -v, --version ]

Displays the current version number.

[ eD2k-link ]

Adds an eD2k-link to the core.

The eD2k link to be added can be:

The order in which you give the parameters is important. You can give more than one link, and every link can have it's own params. For example ed2k <link1> -t2 <link2> will download <link1> in standard category and <link2> in category 2.



Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs either on our forum (http://forum.amule.org/), or in our bugtracker (http://bugs.amule.org/). Please do not report bugs in e-mail, neither to our mailing list nor directly to any team member.

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This manpage was written by Vollstrecker <amule@vollstreckernet.de>

Referenced By

alcc(1), amule(1), amuled(1), amulegui(1).

September 2016 aMule eD2k link parser v1.5.1 aMule utilities