ecryptfs-simple man page

ecryptfs-simple — manual page for ecryptfs-simple 2016.11.16.1


ecryptfs-simple [OPTION...]


[<source dir> <target dir> | <source dir> | <target dir>]

Mount and unmount arbitrary directories with eCryptfs. ecryptfs-simple will check that the real user has full permissions to both the source and the target directories before proceeding.

-a, --automount

Automatically mount the directory using saved parameters. The user will be prompted for parameters as usual the first time this is invoked, but subsequent calls will re-use the previously supplied parameters. Parameters are stored in a file in the configuration directory. The name of the file is a SHA512 hash of the source directory's full path.

-c, --config=<path>

Set a custom configuration file path. If <path> begins with "//" then it will be take as relative to the source directory.

-k, --unlink

Unlink the associated key from the keyring when unmounting a directory. If the directory is mounted then the keys will be parsed from the mount options. If the directory is not mounted and the automount option is given, then the keys will be parsed from the configuration file. This implies unmount.

-o <name>=<value>[,<name>=<value>...]

Mount options to pass to eCryptfs. See "man ecryptfs" for a full list of options. Example: "-o key=passphrase,ecryptfs_cipher=aes,ecryptfs_key_bytes=16"


Print the configuration file path for the given directory path.

-r, --reset

Resets previously saved parameters associated with the given source directory by removing the configuration file.


Mount the volume in read only mode.

-u, --unmount

Unmount the given directory. If the source directory is given, an attempt will be made to unmount all associated mountpoints.

-x, --exclude=<name>[,<name>...]

Exclude the given options from the parameter file when automatically mounting. Use an alias or script to avoid giving this option each time ecryptfs-simple is invoked.

-?, --help

Give this help list


Give a short usage message

-V, --version

Print program version

Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or optional for any corresponding short options.


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