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e_deduction_server - Man Page

manual page for e_deduction_server 3.1.0-DEBUG Singbulli


e_deduction_server -p <port> [options] [files]


e_deduction_server 3.1.0-DEBUG "Singbulli"

The E deduction server offers deduction services based on local or uploaded axiom sets via network. See README.server.


Print a short description of program usage and options.
Print the version number of the prover. Please include this with all bug reports (if any).
Verbose comments on the progress of the program. This differs from the output level (below) in that technical information is printed to stderr, while the output level determines which logical manipulations of the clauses are printed to stdout. The short form or the long form without the optional argument is equivalent to --verbose=1.
-p <arg>
The port on which the server will receive connections. Only effective when interactive mode is on. If not given stdin/stdout will be used.
Equivalent to --output-level=0.
-l <arg>
Select an output level, greater values imply more verbose output. Level 0 produces nearly no output, level 1 will output each clause as it is processed, level 2 will output generating inferences, level 3 will give a full protocol including rewrite steps and level 4 will include some internal clause renamings. Levels >= 2 also imply PCL2 or TSTP formats (which can be post-processed with suitable tools).
-w <arg>
Set the global wall-clock limit for each batch (if any).
-L <arg>
Set the axioms library directory of the server.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <schulz@eprover.org>. Please include the following, if possible:

* The version of the package as reported by eprover --version.

* The operating system and version.

* The exact command line that leads to the unexpected behaviour.

* A description of what you expected and what actually happened.

* If possible all input files necessary to reproduce the bug.


May 2024 e_deduction_server 3.1.0-DEBUG Singbulli