dxcc - Man Page

ham radio callsign DXCC lookup utility


dxcc [-g] [-m MYPREFIX] [CALLSIGN]


dxcc determines the ARRL DXCC entity of a ham radio callsign, based on the cty.dat country file by Jim Reisert, AD1C (http://country-files.com/).

If a matching country or entity is found, the entity name, continent, latitude/longitude and other information are printed.

When invoked with the command line option -g , a Perl/Tk GUI with an additional world map showing the location of the DXCC is shown.

If the line option -m [MYPREFIX] is used, the distance and bearing to CALLSIGN is calculated and displayed.



Optional country file. A current version of AD1C's country file is already included in dxcc.


Earth picture for the GUI.


Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK <mail@fkurz.net> - http://fkurz.net/ham/dxcc.html


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