dwg2dxf - Man Page

Conversor from dwg/dxf to dxf


dwg2dxf <input> [-b] <-version> <output>


dwg2dxf is a Console conversor from dwg/dxf to dxf. You can convert from dwg or dxf to another dxf version.


input      existing file to convert
  -b         optional, sets output as binary dxf
  -B         optional, batch mode reads a text file whit a list of full path input
              files and saves with the same name in the indicated folder as output
  -y -Y      optional, Warning! if output dxf exist overwrite without ask
  -version   version output of dxf file
  output     output file name

    version can be:
       -R12   dxf release 12 version
       -v2000 dxf version 2000
       -v2004 dxf version 2004
       -v2007 dxf version 2007
       -v2010 dxf version 2010


José F. Soriano - <rallazz@gmail.com>


November 2015 version 1.0