dunstctl - Man Page

Command line control utility for dunst, a customizable and lightweight notification-daemon

Examples (TL;DR)




action notification_position

Performs the default action or, if not available, opens the context menu of the notification at the given position (starting count at the top, first notification being 0).


Close the topmost notification currently being displayed.


Close all notifications currently being displayed


Open the context menu, presenting all available actions and urls for the currently open notifications.

count [displayed/history/waiting]

Returns the number of displayed, shown and waiting notifications. If no argument is provided, everything will be printed.

history-pop [ID]

Redisplay the notification that was most recently closed. This can be called multiple times to show older notifications, up to the history limit configured in dunst. You can optionally pass an ID to history-pop, in which case the notification with the given ID will be shown.


Check if dunst is currently running or paused. If dunst is paused notifications will be kept but not shown until it is unpaused.

set-paused true/false/toggle

Set the paused status of dunst. If false, dunst is running normally, if true, dunst is paused. See the is-paused command and the dunst man page for more information.


Tries to contact dunst and checks for common faults between dunstctl and dunst. Useful if something isn't working


Show all available commands with a brief description

Referenced By

dunst(1), dunst(5).

2023-07-19 1.9.2 dunstctl reference