dune-show - Man Page

Command group for showing information about the workspace


dune show COMMAND


aliases [OPTION]… [DIR]…

Print aliases in a given directory. Works similalry to ls.

env [OPTION]… [PATH]

Print the environment of a directory

external-lib-deps [OPTION]…

Print out external libraries needed to build the project. It's an approximated set of libraries.

installed-libraries [OPTION]…

Print out libraries installed on the system.

opam-files [OPTION]…

Print information about the opam files that have been discovered.

package-entries [OPTION]…

prints information about the entries per package


Build a given FILE and print the preprocessed output.

rules [OPTION]… [TARGET]…

Dump rules.

targets [OPTION]… [DIR]…

Print targets in a given directory. Works similalry to ls.

workspace [OPTION]… [DIRS]…

Print a description of the workspace's structure. If some directories DIRS are provided, then only those directories of the workspace are considered.

Common Options

--help[=FMT] (default=auto)

Show this help in format FMT. The value FMT must be one of auto, pager, groff or plain. With auto, the format is pager or plain whenever the TERM env var is dumb or undefined.


Show version information.

Exit Status

show exits with the following status:


on success.


if an error happened.


if it was interrupted by a signal.

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