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dune-init - Man Page

Command group for initializing Dune components.


dune init proj NAME [PATH] [OPTION]...

dune init exec NAME [PATH] [OPTION]...

dune init lib NAME [PATH] [OPTION]...

dune init test NAME [PATH] [OPTION]...


dune init COMPONENT NAME [PATH] [OPTION]... initializes a new dune configuration for a component of the kind specified by the subcommand COMPONENT, named NAME, with fields determined by the supplied OPTIONs.

Run a subcommand with --help for for details on it's supported arguments

If the optional PATH is provided, it must be a path to a directory, and the component will be created there. Otherwise, it is created in a child of the current working directory, called NAME. To initialize a component in the current working directory, use `.` as the PATH.

Any prefix of a COMMAND's name can be supplied in place of full name (as illustrated in the synopsis).

For more details, see https://dune.readthedocs.io/en/stable/usage.html#initializing-components


executable [OPTION]… NAME [PATH]

A binary executable.

library [OPTION]… NAME [PATH]

An OCaml library.

project [OPTION]… NAME [PATH]

A project is a predefined composition of components arranged in a standard directory structure. The kind of project initialized is determined by the value of the --kind flag and defaults to an executable project, composed of a library, an executable, and a test component.


A test harness. (For inline tests, use the --inline-tests flag along with the other component kinds.)

Common Options

--help[=FMT] (default=auto)

Show this help in format FMT. The value FMT must be one of auto, pager, groff or plain. With auto, the format is pager or plain whenever the TERM env var is dumb or undefined.


Show version information.

Exit Status

dune init exits with:


on success.


if an error happened.


if it was interrupted by a signal.



Generate a project skeleton for an executable named `myproj' in a new directory named `myproj', depending on the bos library and using inline tests along with ppx_inline_test:

      dune init proj myproj --libs bos --ppx ppx_inline_test --inline-tests

Configure an executable component named `myexe' in a dune file in the current directory:

      dune init exe myexe

Configure a library component named `mylib' in a dune file in the ./src directory depending on the core and cmdliner libraries, the ppx_let and ppx_inline_test preprocessors, and declared as using inline tests:

      dune init lib mylib src --libs core,cmdliner --ppx ppx_let,ppx_inline_test --inline-tests

Configure a test component named `mytest' in a dune file in the ./test directory that depends on `mylib':

      dune init test mytest test --libs mylib

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