dub-upgrade - Man Page

Package and build management system for D


dub upgrade [<packages...>] Options...


Upgrades all dependencies of the package by querying the package registry(ies) for new versions.

This will update the versions stored in the selections file (dub.selections.json) accordingly.

If one or more package names are specified, only those dependencies will be upgraded. Otherwise all direct and indirect dependencies of the root package will get upgraded.



Uses the latest pre-release version, even if release versions are available


Updates the project and performs a build. If successful, rewrites the selected versions file <to be implemented>.


Only print what would be upgraded, but don't actually upgrade anything.


Performs an upgrade only for dependencies that don't yet have a version selected. This is also done automatically before each build.


Deprecated option that does nothing.


dub.sdl, dub.json


Copyright (c) 1999-2023 by The D Language Foundation

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dmd(1), dub(1)

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