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dub-fetch - Man Page

Manually retrieves and caches a package


dub fetch <package>[@<version-spec>] Options...


Note: Use "dub add <dependency>" if you just want to use a certain package as a dependency, you don't have to explicitly fetch packages.

Explicit retrieval/removal of packages is only needed when you want to put packages in a place where several applications can share them. If you just have a dependency to add, use the `add` command. Dub will do the rest for you.

Without specified options, placement/removal will default to a user wide shared location.

Complete applications can be retrieved and run easily by e.g.

$ dub fetch vibelog --cache=local

$ dub run vibelog --cache=local

This will grab all needed dependencies and compile and run the application.



Use the specified version/branch instead of the latest available match The remove command also accepts "*" here as a wildcard to remove all versions of the package from the specified location


Deprecated option that does nothing

Common Options

See dub(1)

Exit Status


DUB succeeded


usage errors, unknown command line flags


package not found, package failed to load, miscellaneous error


dub.sdl, dub.json


Copyright (c) 1999-2024 by The D Language Foundation

Online Documentation


See Also

dub(1), dub-add(1)

Referenced By

dub(1), dub-add(1).

2024-01-24 The D Language Foundation