dssi_list_plugins - Man Page

list available DSSI plugins


dssi_list_plugins [-v|--verbose]


dssi_list_plugins scans a list of directories specified by the environment variable DSSI_PATH, looking for DSSI (or LADSPA) shared libraries.  It reports each library found, and lists the plugins contained within the library. It ignores subdirectories and libtool *.la files; otherwise it will complain if any of the files found are not DSSI or LADSPA shared libraries.



Causes dssi_list_plugins to be more verbose in its reporting. It will note conditions which are typically ignored by most DSSI hosts, yet may indicate problems, including malformed or unreadable components of DSSI_PATH, directories which contain no plugin libraries, libraries which appear more than once in the DSSI_PATH, and libraries which contain no plugins.



A colon-separated list of directories to scan for DSSI plugins.

Conforming to

DSSI RFC version 1.0.

See Also

dssi_analyse_plugin(1), http://dssi.sourceforge.net/

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June 23rd, 2010