dssi_analyse_plugin - Man Page

describe a DSSI plugin


dssi_analyse_plugin [-v|--verbose] [path]<libname>[:<label>]


dssi_analyse_plugin lists information about DSSI plugins within a specified DSSI shared library libname. If label is given, only information for the plugin labeled label will be listed, otherwise, all plugins in the shared library will be listed. If path is not given, the shared library is searched for in the colon-separated list of directories specified in the environment variable DSSI_PATH.



Causes dssi_analyse_plugin to be more verbose in its reporting. In particular, it will list the default program names for each plugin, if any.


The following command will show information about all of the plugins in the shared library /usr/local/lib/dssi/calf.so, including default program names:

$ dssi_analyse_plugin -v /usr/local/lib/dssi/calf.so

The following command will look for the shared library trivial_sampler.so using DSSI_PATH, and display information about the mono_sampler plugin:

$ dssi_analyse_plugin trivial_sampler.so:mono_sampler



A colon-separated list of directories to scan for DSSI plugins.

Conforming to

DSSI RFC version 1.0.

See Also

dssi_list_plugins(1), http://dssi.sourceforge.net/

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June 23rd, 2010