dsdp5 man page

dsdp5 — Run the DSDP solver on SDPA data files, and print solution


dsdp5 [Options] <SDPA_FILE>


The dsdp5 program reads a semidefinit program from an SDPA data file, passes the data into the DSDP solver, and prints a solution.


-print k
Print information at each k iterations (default 10).
-save FILE
Save the solution in FILE in SDPA format
-fout FILE
Print standard monitor to FILE
-y0 FILE
Read the initial solution from FILE
-benchmark FILE
Read the names of benchmark SDPA files from FILE
-directory DIRECTORY
Identify the directory containing benchmark SDPA files
-suffix NAME
Add the suffix NAME to each benchmark problem name
-table FILE
Store the benchmark results in FILE (default "results-dsdp-5.8")
-dloginfo N
Set the logging level (default 0). More information is printed for higher numbers.
-dlogsummary N
Print timing information if N is nonzero (default 1)
-params FILE
Read DSDP parameters from FILE
Show the values of the DSDP parameters
Print a help message

See Also

dsdp-color(1), dsdp-maxcut(1), dsdp-stable(1), dsdp-theta(1)

Referenced By

dsdp-color(1), dsdp-maxcut(1), dsdp-stable(1), dsdp-theta(1).

5.8 DSDP User Commands