drracket - Man Page

the Racket programming environment


drracket [ Xoption ... ] [ file ... ]


DrRacket is the Racket programming environment.

The drracket program treats non-switch command-line arguments as files to open.

X Options

When running in X11, DrRacket accepts the following standard Xoptions: -display disp, -geometry geom, -bg color, -background color, -fg color, -foreground color, -fn font, -font font, -iconic, -name name, -rv, -reverse, +rv, -selectionTimeout time, -synchronous, -title name, -xnllanguage lang, -xrm file.

In addition, the option -singleInstance is treated like an X option (it must appear before all other options), and it runs DrRacket in single-instance mode. In single-instance mode, when an existing instance is running with the same host and executable name, all non-option arguments are treated as file names and sent to the  existing instance.

More Information

For further information, run

  raco docs

to open installed documentation in your web browser.

Alternately, consult the on-line documentation and other information available at



DrRacket was implemented by PLT.

See Also

raco(1), racket(1), gracket(1)

Referenced By

gracket(1), racket(1), raco(1).

May 2010