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draco_encoder-1.5.7 - Man Page

manual page for draco_encoder 1.5.7


draco_encoder [options] -i input


Main options

-h | -?

show help.

-i <input>

input file name.

-o <output>

output file name.


forces the input to be encoded as a point cloud.

-qp <value>

quantization bits for the position attribute, default=11.

-qt <value>

quantization bits for the texture coordinate attribute, default=10.

-qn <value>

quantization bits for the normal vector attribute, default=8.

-qg <value>

quantization bits for any generic attribute, default=8.

-cl <value>

compression level [0-10], most=10, least=0, default=7.

--skip ATTRIBUTE_NAME skip a given attribute (NORMAL, TEX_COORD, GENERIC)


use metadata to encode extra information in mesh files.


encode polygon info as an attribute.

Use negative quantization values to skip the specified attribute


January 2024 draco_encoder 1.5.7