dq-server - Man Page

run a command on all tasks in an IPC::DirQueue queue


dq-server --dir qdirectory [--njobs N] command arg arg ...


dq-server will remove each task in turn from an IPC::DirQueue directory, running the named command on each one.  Once the queue is empty, it will wait indefinitely for more tasks to arrive.   A limit on how many jobs to dequeue can be specified using --njobs.

The command is run as:

    command arg arg ... nameofdatafile


--njobs N  (default: 0)

How many jobs to dequeue from the queue directory.   0 means unlimited.

See Also

IPC::DirQueue(3) dq-deque(1) dq-list(1) dq-server(1) dq-submit(1)

Referenced By

dq-deque(1), dq-indexd(1), dq-list(1), dq-submit(1).

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