dq-indexd man page

dq-indexd — index server for IPC::DirQueue tasks


dq-indexd --port port


dq-indexd is a single-process event-driven daemon, used by "IPC::DirQueue" to track queue activity at a centralised point.

"IPC::DirQueue" uses a filesystem directory to hold its queue files, and normally uses the normal UNIX filesystem "readdir" APIs to list the queue.

However, in certain situations when NFS is in use, these APIs may scale poorly, and a TCP/IP-based central server may be more appropriate (although adding a new single point of failure).  "dq-indexd" makes this possible.

Required Modules


See Also

IPC::DirQueue(3) dq-deque(1) dq-list(1) dq-server(1) dq-submit(1)


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