dput - Man Page

Debian package upload tool


dput [-h] [-d] [-c FILE] [-D] [-e DAYS] [-F] [-f] [-l] [-U] [-o] [-O OVERRIDE] [-S UNSET] [-P] [-s] [-u] [-v] [-V] [HOST] CHANGES-FILE [CHANGES-FILE ...]


dput-ng is a Debian package upload tool which provides an easy to use interface to Debian (like) package archive hosting facilities. It allows anyone who works with Debian packages to upload their work to a remote service, including Debian’s ftp-master, mentors.debian.net, Launchpad or other package hosting facilities for Debian package maintainers.

HOST may optionally specify a target stanza from any configured configured profile which is selected as a upload target. If HOST is omitted a default host using the heuristic described below is selected.

The only mandatory argument is a CHANGES-FILE which is interpreted as a Debian package.changes file denoting the desired package to be uploaded.

Packages being uploaded already, but not processed yet can be removed later from the destination using dcut.


-c, --config=FILE

Configuration file to parse. This option will override all other configuration files.

-d, --debug

Enable debug messages. Repeat twice to increase the verbosity level.

-D, --dinstall

Ignored silently for compatibility with old-style dput command lines. Please use a post-upload hook or similar to reproduce this functionality.

-e, --delayed=DAYS

Upload to the delayed queue, instead of the usual incoming directory. This option takes an argument from 0 to 15 corresponding to the respective DELAYED queue.

-F, --full-upload-log

Write more verbose .upload logs. When set to, upload logs will include more details. This setting overrides profile defaults when provided.

-f, --force

Force an upload, even if the upload log exists already.

-l, --lintian

Run Lintian before uploading the package. Note, this option is deprecated. Profile targets have the ability to properly handle invoking lintian before pushing it to the remote host, such as the run_lintian key.

This option is a shortcut for --override "run_lintian=true"
-o, --check-only

Only run pre-upload checks for the package, do not actually upload. This is useful to help in testing new checks, or verifying the profile will work as expected.

-O, --override=OVERRIDE

Override profile key. This option takes the highest precedence and replaces any profile setting. Use this switch if you want to change a configured profile value without changing the profile itself.

This option accepts any key which can be configured in a profile (see
*dput(5)*). Sub keys are addressed using a dot notation. Keys are separated
using a equals sign ("=").
For example, to override the 'allow_dcut' you may do:
--override "allow_dcut=true"
The '--override' option may be repeated:
--override "check-debs.enforce=debs" --override "check-debs.skip=false"
Providing the same key on the command line several times will be additive.
Un-setting a key entirely can be achieved using the '-S' option. Such
overrides take no argument. Thus, the command line
--override "allow_dcut=true" --unset "run_lintian"
will set 'allow_dcut' to 'TRUE' and revert the 'run_lintian' key to
whatever the internal default value is set.
-P, --passive

Force FTP passive mode when uploading the package through FTP. This option is deprecated - please declare this in the target profile.

This option is a shortcut for --override "passive_ftp=true"
-s, --simulate

Simulate the upload only. This runs all pre-upload checks, initializes the upload handler but does not actually push any files to the remote host.

This argument can be repeated twice in which case also the network
connection is set-up (for example logging in through the FTP or SFTP
protocol) and tested for its functionality.

Override the configured profile key by unsetting its value. See -O for a full explanation of the behavior.

-U, --no-upload-log

Do not write a .upload log file after uploading.

-u, --unchecked

Do not check GnuPG signature. You may also set this in your profile with the allow_unsigned_uploads key.

-v, --version

Ignored silently for compatibility with old-style dput command lines.

-V, --check-version

Ignored silently for compatibility with old-style dput command lines.


Target host to upload a package. This refers to any existing upload site, which either can be a section in old-style dput.cf files, or alternatively any profile in a read dput.d directory. If HOST was not supplied, the (first) profile having the default_host_main flag set to a non-empty string will be selected. If neither, HOST was present, nor any profile setting the upload host, dput-ng scans for a profile called ftp-master which will be used on a successful look-up.


A Debian package.changes file. Arguments may be repeated several times to upload more than one package at once.


Profiles may define upload HOST names, log-in details and their required upload methods used to upload packages. Moreover, profiles define checks which are running before and after uploading. Their format is described in dput(5).

Additionally, dput reads old-style configuration files from INI style configuration files. This format is deprecated for use in dput-ng and described in dput.cf(5). In particular this configuration file format does not support all configurable settings which are specific to dput-ng.

It is possible to run dput with any combination of new-style and old-style configuration files. When both types of files are present,

Exit Status




A runtime check returned an error


An internal error was detected, for example while loading configuration files


An upload error was detected, for example a permission or authentication problem while uploading files


Report bugs to http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?pkg=dput-ng


$ dput ppa:paultag/fluxbox fluxbox_1.3.2-4~ppa1_source.changes
$ dput ftp-master fbautostart_2.718281828-1_amd64.changes
$ dput dput-ng_0.9.5_amd64.changes
$ dput -d -d localhost node-jslint_0.1.8-1~wicked1_amd64.changes


dput-ng was originally written by Arno Töll <arno(a)debian.org> and Paul Richard I by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Debian and Ubuntu and of his other realms and territories King Head of the Fluxbox Window Manager Defender of the Faith Tagliamonte <paultag(a)debian.org>.


dput(5), dput.cf(5), dcut(1), dirt(1)


Copyright © 2012 dput-ng authors. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2 or later.

Referenced By

cowpoke(1), dcut(1), debchange(1), debrelease(1), dgit(1), dirt(1), dput(5), dput.cf(5).