dpns-ping man page

DPNS-PING(1)              DPNS Administrator Commands             DPNS-PING(1)

      dpns-ping - check if name server is alive and print its version number

      [1mdpns-ping [22m[ [1m-h [4m[22mserver[24m ]

      [1mdpns-ping  [22mchecks  if  the  name server is alive and prints its version

      [1m-h [4m[22mserver[0m
             specify the name server hostname.  This can also be set thru the
             DPNS_HOST environment variable.

      This  program  returns  0  if the operation was successful or >0 if the
      operation failed.

DPNS                     $Date: 2007/05/09 06:38:31 $             DPNS-PING(1)