dpm-reservespace man page

DPM-RESERVESPACE(1)              DPM Commands              DPM-RESERVESPACE(1)

      dpm-reservespace - reserve space

      [1mdpm-reservespace    --gspace   [4m[22msize_guaranteed_space[24m   [   [1m--ac_latency[0m
      [4maccess_latency[24m ] [ [1m--gid [4m[22mgroup_ids[24m ] [ [1m--group [4m[22mgroup_names[24m ] [ [1m--help [22m]
      [  [1m--lifetime  [4m[22mspace_lifetime[24m ] [ [1m--poolname [4m[22mpool_name[24m ] [ [1m--ret_policy[0m
      [4mretention_policy[24m ] [ [1m--s_type [4m[22mspace_type[24m ]  [  [1m--si  [22m]  [  [1m--token_desc[0m
      [4mu_token[24m ]

      [1mdpm-reservespace [22mreserves space.

             desired  size of guaranteed space in bytes.  The number may also
             have a suffix k, M, G, T or P to indicate kB, MB, GB, TB  or  PB

             specifies the access latency requested. It can be [1mO [22m(for ONLINE)
             or [1mN [22m(for NEARLINE).

             if not zero, the space is restricted  to  this  comma  separated
             list of group gids.  If the caller does not belong to the group,
             it must  have  ADMIN  privileges.   By  default,  the  space  is
             reserved  for the user if the requester has a proxy without VOMS
             extension or for the group if the requester  has  a  proxy  with
             VOMS extension.

             if  set, the space is restricted to this comma separated list of
             group names.  If the caller does not belong  to  the  group,  it
             must have ADMIN privileges.

             specifies  the  desired  space  lifetime relative to the current
             time.  It can be "Inf" (for  infinite)  or  expressed  in  years
             (suffix  'y'),  months  (suffix  'm'),  days (suffix 'd'), hours
             (suffix 'h') or seconds (no suffix).

             if set, the space is reserved in that disk pool.

             specifies the retention policy  requested.  It  can  be  [1mR  [22m(for
             Replica), [1mO [22m(for Output) or [1mC [22m(for Custodial).

      [4ms_type[24m specifies  the  type  of  space  requested.  It  can  be  [1mV [22m(for
             Volatile), [1mD [22m(for Durable), [1mP [22m(for Permanent) or [1m- [22m(for any).

             specifies the user  provided  description  associated  with  the

      [1m--si   [22muse powers of 1000 not 1024 for sizes.

      dpm-reservespace --gspace 10G --lifetime 1d --token_desc myspace


      This  program  returns  0  if the operation was successful or >0 if the
      operation failed.

[1mSEE ALSO[0m

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